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Levi-Strauss, through his explanation of totemistic belief and practices, established a premature kind of ecologism, regarding the authentic native life.
Bone scrapers known from the Paleolithic to the present are associated with totemistic, fertility, and other shamanistic practice; it is uncertain whether they were also used in musical performance.
Coming to animals, Riegler (1937 [2000]) had already interpreted wild animals and insects as relics of a totemistic view of the universe in which they would be our closest relatives.
Freud links these terms to the conception of morality that support psychoanalysis establishing relationships between the 'categorical imperative' of Kant and some concepts such as 'totemistic system', 'taboo', 'Oedipus complex', 'superego', 'origin of morality', 'origin of culture', 'neurosis', 'infantile psychism'.
Totemistic religions, such as found in Australian aboriginal cults, engender beliefs in the soul, spirits, and gods, and the elaborate rituals surrounding the totem often represent a spiritual tie to ancestor's souls via the totem.