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City Administrator Stephanie Dawkins said a preliminary estimate shows a monthly bill for a toter program would be about $12.
It would have limited households to 40 gallons of curbside waste per week through use of a toter.
Graham designed the Spa Toter, a trailer that carries and displays multiple hot tubs and features easy setup and breakdown.
Scott, a 17-year Toter veteran, began as a sales representative and later held positions including product manager, vice president of sales and, most recently, senior vice president of sales and marketing.
Palagonia said that in his estimation Waste Management's toter system "won't work in 35 percent" of Whitehall Township, and that narrow streets could result in trucks damaging nearby structures.
The Stage Toter combines the primary element of the Spa Toter--portability and easy setup--with the features of a stage.
Vista's Bow Toter and Tarantula's Flex Foam Bow Carrier loop over bow ends to provide a tote-bag-like strap, slipping off instantly when needed.
They decided to implement a waste management system of weight-based billing, developed by Toter and Weigh-Tronix using Toter's trash carts and Texas Instruments' radio frequency technology.
Additionally, a single cart tipper should be fitted to collect 48 through 96 gallon, Toter brand, US style carts.
Toter is the only commercial grade cart available to consumers at retailers nationwide.
Within the first week after receiving it, my toter was full, and since then I have not missed a recycle pickup yet.
Refuse and yard waste collection by sticker program with toter service provided for recycling collection.