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The toters were paid for by landfill operator Casella Waste Systems as part of a capital outlay line item intended to improve the containment of trash and recycling in town, the director said.
This fossil was reported to have racemose inflorescence fragments, spikelets with two glumes that are keeled, two toters (the bracts are presumed to be lemmas and paleas but are not well preserved), and a total of six exserted dorsifixed stamens.
The hard-core writers who send us something every 30 days include anarchists, atheists, prisoners, pro-lifers, gun toters, environmentalists, libertarians, Gingrich Republicans, animal fights activists, and fathers at war with child-custody laws.
6% of total waste) Total Number of Containers: 145 including: 50 64-gallon toters 50 22-gallon Slim-Line 45 32-gallon Rubbermaid Signage/Training: 150 Posters 150 Container Decals 50 Pocket Cards 50 Table Top Signs 1 Staff Training Video 1 Patron Education Video (a) 2001 is the most recent year to have audited statistics.
Waste Management will sponsor Maple Park Fun Fest, and will supply 15 Port-O-Lets, five hand-washing stations, 10 96-gallon toters, a 30-yard roll-off box and 35 special event cardboard boxes.
But this is Texas, where licensed gun toters are allowed to bypass the metal detectors at the state Capitol and the sitting governor once shot a coyote to death while jogging.
AUBURN - After an hour of discussion, the Board of Selectmen voted unanimously Tuesday night to follow the recommendation of the Solid Waste Advisory Committee and increase trash bills for residential trash and recycling customers by $24 to $216 per year for those with large toters.
Park rangers, retirees and conservation groups opposed this rule change on grounds that it could endanger park workers and visitors, as well as wildlife that might prove irresistible targets to irresponsible gun toters.
Dial's sorry fate is common to most drug dealers and illegal gun toters," stated Cavanaugh.
And there was learning that many 19th-century gun toters killed themselves unintentionally by overloading their rifles with gunpowder and having the ramrod launch at them like an arrow.
Here are some thoughts for the new gun carriers and maybe a thoughtful review for the old experienced gun toters.
If I thought for one minute the show was put together by a group of toffee-nosed Twickers toters (I said toters) I'd say "aw, poor loves, they don't know what they're missing.