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Waste companies prefer the toters because they can use mechanical arms on the trucks to empty them, rather than having a person get out of the truck to empty cans.
Waste Management utilizes a toter system that features a significant recycling component.
The toters were paid for by landfill operator Casella Waste Systems as part of a capital outlay line item intended to improve the containment of trash and recycling in town, the director said.
In 1901, the superintendent of Columbus schools, Carlton Gibson, conducted an investigation and found that in the three major mills of the city, there were over one thousand white children working as dinner toters; these dinner toters would eventually help to establish the first solid connection that mills would have with education (Telfair 1927, 40-41).
Through reusable toters, boxes can be eliminated from patient floors altogether, reducing labor associated with their flattening and transport to recycling storage.
All this combines for some excellent doe hunting action for hardcore bow toters.
The Seecamp became a cult favorite as a backup for professional gun toters and a primary gun for more than a few.
One of the four claimed to have some carpentry experience (I got lucky, he turned out to be a very good framing carpenter), and the other three claimed to be "professional board toters.
Brands I recommend include Concealed Carry Clothiers (vests) and Blackie Collins' Toters (jeans).
Customers are more likely to see some of Allshred's 1,000+ plastic data destruction toters or pressed wood "office sentries" that house documents to be shredded until they reach the plant.
The hard-core writers who send us something every 30 days include anarchists, atheists, prisoners, pro-lifers, gun toters, environmentalists, libertarians, Gingrich Republicans, animal fights activists, and fathers at war with child-custody laws.