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"If we could get such a person lined up to be in our office that person would be here when the new coordinator comes on," Totter said.
Totter said she has started looking for other services and has asked the existing company if it would be less costly if the district were to buy their own box for $1,500 that the company would pick up when full.
Magistrates who could have treated you as a totter, chose not to.
will be until the January next possible Jean Pryke, chairman of the bench, said: "The case against Mr Dwight Yorke will be adjourned until the seventh of January next year for a possible disqualification as he is a totter, or will be a totter."
CHOO-HOLICS will have to totter all the way to Manchester for their fix of the cheap as chips H&M range.
It's been 10 weeks since we saw this year's celebrities totter onto the ice.
Coleen McLoughlin, girlfriend of England star Wayne Rooney, has big ambitions to totter down the famous cobbles of Coronation Street.
Of the 145 known species of Neotropical parrots, 46 totter near extinction.
Yet just a few years later, Warhol would totter down runways as a professional Zoli model.
YESTERDAY'S SOLUTIONS: BUTE FLAB PEW ALEX RODE UAE SNAP EP I LOGUE SALOME OLD S I ZES DYCE DELETED SOLD AXE TR I CK GAG R I OT CH I CANE ETNA STALL CAT SN I PER ADVOCAAT MAX I SUE H I RE BRAT HOT EDEN SAME WEE THINKER Across: 1 Tail; 4 Corfu; 7 Mecca; 8 Manse; 9 Since; 10 Revelation; 14 Totter; 16 Offend; 17 Shore leave; 22 Coven; 23 Agree; 25 Cigar; 26 Nurse; 27 Gnat.
They just make me nervous - I'm always paranoid that the car is going to stall as I totter across them.
Theorists predict that these silicon pairs, or dimers, should be most reactive when other atoms or molecules catch them midway between a teeter and a totter, when the two silicon atoms are on an even plane.