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And should it matter that my previous Rollerblading experience comprised two tottery hours on rental skates?
The authors found that subjects tended to unequally divide tottery tickets when both individuals knew that prizes were unequal, as if to equalized expected payoffs.
I do not know how to think about the fact that I may reach some great age, my face skeletal beneath the wrinkled folds of flesh pulled away from the bone, my eyes sunken into dark pockets of pain, my walk tottery and unsure, my body a tattered coat upon a stick, and still be on the lookout, have an eye out for, be seeking always and ever, a certain voice and eye, a certain look, a hand reached out, breath swiftly drawn, a catch in the voice, an invitation to the waltz.
I am increasingly tottery on feeble legs, and I cross the road leaning on my stick and holding my wife's arm.
A very spry and active woman well into her 80s, she had become "more tottery, more prone to falls," had given up driving, and begun to use a cane.
The three commonest mistakes to guard against are wrong proportioning of the stucco mixture, not applying it quickly enough after it's mixed, and putting it onto flimsy reinforcing or a tottery frame-work that settles and cracks.
A little tottery now, he was still able to keep a tight rein on the London Gala Orchestra as it launched into Mendelssohn's Overture A Midsummer Night's Dream .
He posits existentially the world of values he inhabits; it is the tottery certitude of the Catholic faith he has adopted as a convert that anchors him.
Let's overtake what can't be overtaken, What has sped by - Like the creek under the tottery bridge.
In a tottery but functional three-legged armchair sits a woman who could be the same as the window-sitter, cellar-goer, potato-slicer, but this one is younger, really a girl.
Soon an equal wave of hecklers jeers a tottery punch- drunk Councilor down from grandstand, to sleep off his Royal Gaffe in Jet's bunk.
Stephens went on: "She was tottery after drinking; she'd fall down a lot.