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When six touch receptor neurons were labeled by GFP and examined, cells were more susceptible to loss in the tat-1 mutant background, suggesting that phagocytes sometimes attack cells that are not undergoing apoptosis if PS is on the membrane surface.
Predicted protein sequences, gene interactions, and ultrastructural studies of the touch receptor neurons suggest the following model for mechanosensation in these cells (Gu et al.
Ask children to do the same and tell you what they sense about the water using the touch receptors on their skin.
Some of these sensilla (rheo, chemo-, photo- and mechanoreceptors) could possibly be used for host finding [4,32,36,37] particularly touch receptors, since the fluke depends on it in locating and maintaining contact with the host.
When they are too young to fully manipulate objects with their hands, they put them in their mouths where touch receptors are at the highest density.