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Multi-touch technology is the future of the touch screen industry and we are excited to show our MulTI-Touch Capacitive and Multi-Touch Resistive MARS products in action.
Touch Screen displays were developed more than 40 years ago, but mass commercial usage started in the market, only in the last 15 years.
Touch International, headquartered in Austin, Texas, is a world leader in touch screen technology and EMI filters.
Another design anomaly is that Source Innovations put the keyboard above the touch screen.
Fuelled by the demand for mobile phones and PND, the market scale of small-sized touch screen market, particularly small-sized projected capacitive touch screen, will expand greatly in China in 2010.
Talk to an Embedded Touch Screen Controller Board Expert at the Embedded Systems Conference in San Jose, CA on April 27-29(th) in Booth #2330.
The expanded functionality of the touch screen provides homeowners with more information, control and features from their security system.
In the upstream of world's touch screen industry chain, Japan's manufacturers have held the higher market share, since with outstanding technology advantages in vacuum evaporation, sputtering, precision coating and fine chemicals.
This expanding demand is creating new OEM account opportunities for touch screen suppliers almost weekly.
SAT[TM] makes it possible for manufacturers of hand held devices and devices with small to midsized screens to incorporate extremely cost competitive touch screen solutions into their products.
Integrated solutions combining a TFT display with a Crystal Touch screen featuring gesturing are also available.
DALLAS -- Ocular's Crystal Touch[TM] line of projected capacitive touch screens now include the industry's first large-size capacitive touch screens, bringing extremely engaging and easy-to-use interfaces to next-generation netbooks, mobile Internet devices (MID) and other emerging types of devices.