touch upon

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The two presidents are expected to discuss ways to strengthen and enhance strategic partnership on regional security issues and economic cooperation, as well as touch upon Kazakhstan's leadership on several international challenges during its presidency of the UN Security Council.
It is legally absurd to touch upon and indirectly resolve in the specific performance case the issues on ownership of HCPTI In doing so, the Pasig RTC acted in excess of its jurisdiction as it had prejudged the merits of the case and encroached upon the jurisdiction and preempted the decision of the other courts,' said the decision penned by Associate Justice Ramon A.
The opportunities and the impact of the mobile industry in the Middle East, Asia and Africa are among the topics that Ahmad Abdulkarim Julfar, chief executive officer of the Etisalat Group, will touch upon in his keynote speech in the official opening session at the forthcoming congress.
He is currently working as director finance, OTE Group, and will touch upon ethical dilemmas faced by the accountants, provide various case study scenarios of ethical dilemmas and will draw upon the codes and pronouncements of International Ethical Standard Board for accountants.
In our show, we didn't touch upon female alcoholics and alcoholics in functioning.
The workshops will touch upon important issues such as the effects of climate change on energy production and aim to teach basic energy saving skills that can be used in their daily lives.
It's assumed that in his speech the Minister of Justice of Ukraine will touch upon the subjects of judicial, administrative, electoral and constitutional reforms.
The country needs to achieve 8 MDGs in total, 6 of which touch upon social issues.