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2 Spikes were awarded from 56 entries including the third Grand Prix for Touchable Ink for Thai Samsung Electronics and Thai Association of the Blind by J.
In this report, the global holographic display digital signage market has been broadly segmented based on technologies such as semi-transparent holographic display, touchable holographic display, laser holographic display, and piston holographic display.
SteriHandle[TM] is the latest PHS Washrooms product to utilise SteriTouch[R] to protect many touchable areas of a washroom.
Following the road reconstruction, the natural beauties of the area will be touchable by all the visitors who want to frequent it.
The organization pointed out that constant deliberate acts on the part of Israeli occupation authorities aimed to affect the holy shrines in occupied Jerusalem and the Al-Buraq courtyard intended to implement Jewish plans and projects bespeak of the extremist nature of the occupation state because these religious sites are sanctimonious and are neither touchable nor assailable.
These include lighter blues and navy, which will increase in importance, while purple is still evident - and fabrics and finishes should all be touchable textures with warmth and depth.
TPK, riding on hot sales of Apple's products as well as the launch of Windows 8 that makes PC's screen touchable, scored combined revenue of NT$23.
But on mobile, when you're gliding through on a touch screen, everything is touchable, and a lot of mistakes are happening," the New York Post quoted Greenfield, as saying.
McCririck and Tommo are touchable and tend to bat for the audience, rather than for the sometimes bit-part players.
In the flick's bathtub scene, Ted uses Axe Anti-Dandruff 2 in 1 Shampoo + Conditioner to achieve soft, touchable "Teddy Bear Hair"before a big night out.
This is a rugged land of contrasts: tidepools fat with delicate, touchable creatures, spring buds nudging out of fungus-happy soil, and tumultuous waves slapping basalt headlands.