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In slightly deeper waters still, my friends and I used to swim down just to grab a handful of sea grass or sand as proof of our having touched bottom. Underwater, we would encounter light and sound in different forms from their manifestations above water; we also encountered the same waves and currents that affected us on land in different forms--sometimes more forgiving, like the wave one can dive or swim through safely in deep water before it breaks calamitously in the shallows, and sometimes not.
The IEA added that it believes that demand growth "may have touched bottom" and should steadily improve, which pushed down energy stocks.
may have touched bottom. While economic forecasts have been trimmed, with the IMF lowering its outlook for the third time this year, the latter is sticking to its view of a continuing economic recovery -- albeit a slower and more 'brittle' one than anticipated," the IEA said.
"But neither country wants to return to the roller-coaster relations that touched bottom in 2011, when a U.S.
The figures and a weak manufacturing sector report added to the gloom after data earlier this year had encouraged some hope the European economy might finally have touched bottom.
Fed member Richard Fisher said that the US housing market may already have touched bottom.
With indications the global financial crisis had already touched bottom and