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But I ask her to make allowances for a rough, uneducated man, rather clumsily touched upon his tender spot.
I had never heard of your existence; but I had known your father; and from matters in my competence (to be touched upon hereafter) I was disposed to fear the worst.
He perfectly knew his own meaning; and having warmly protested against her suspicion as most injurious, and slightly touched upon his respect for Miss Smith as her friend, but acknowledging his wonder that Miss Smith should be mentioned at all,he resumed the subject of his own passion, and was very urgent for a favourable answer.
Ma foi, monsieur, you have touched upon a tender chord.
This matter of Mr Breitstein had been touched upon by Claire in previous conversations, and it was a subject for which he had little liking.
When they spoke of their own losses, they tossed their long straight locks of grey into the air, or suffered them to fall in confusion upon their withered necks; but as the sweetness of returning blow for blow was touched upon, by any among them, it was answered by a common howl, as well as by gestures, that were sufficiently expressive of the manner in which they were exciting themselves to the necessary state of fury.
I am afraid I have inadvertently touched upon a tender theme.
He heard hundreds of technical words that were new to him, belonging to fields of thought that his meagre reading had never touched upon.
Crawley for religious instruction, touched upon the Washerwoman of Finchley Common, which she had read with the greatest profit, and asked about Lady Emily, its gifted author, now Lady Emily Hornblower, at Cape Town, where her husband had strong hopes of becoming Bishop of Caffraria.
The artist now turned the conversation to themes less dark than that which they had touched upon.
There was a very practical question to be touched upon.
We should have no peace in our place, if that got touched upon.