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ANYBODY who has had the misfortune to encounter miserable old me recently will know that I have been touchier than a fondling footballer.
Considering how most men feel about weakness, the subject of mental health can be even touchier than most physical maladies.
What is more, the government also plans to sharply cut wealth tax -- a far touchier subject, and one of direct concern to all those who have put away unaccounted wealth.
In the sensitive world of Canadian defence procurement there are very few subjects touchier than that of the fixed-wing search and rescue aircraft (FWSAR).
That "sketch-approval limbo dance" offers tantalizing backstage glimpses of decision-making at the Times, where sensitivities to art can be even touchier than to text.
But if you say you are leaving because of all the people who are coming - and a staggering 574,000 foreigners came to live here just as those 196,000 were leaving - then that is a far touchier subject.
Pour ce que nature humaine est si frelle, la vie des hommes si breifve, et les linaiges si tost eslongies et oublies des entendemens et memoires des hommes, especialement apres le mort des anciens, et que la redenture en chiet sur les josnes gens quy n'y mettent point leur entendement, et de legier s'en passent, se n'est quand il leur est necessaire d'estre servis de leur linage, ou quant aulcun prouffit ou succession leur est apparant d'escheir, a laquelle, pose qu'ilz y eussent droit, il n'y scevent parvenir, par faulte de scavoir declarer la genealogie dont ilz sont descendus; je, pour tant qu'il porra touchier a mes enffans ou temps advenir, par maniere d'avertissement leur feray la declaration quy s'ensieut'.
But there are other even touchier subjects like North Korea.
And touchier matters: "You have to be diplomatic," says Bouaoun.
For many, allowance is a touchier subject than sex and drugs.
The situation is touchier still if you're joining a small organization, particularly one where the founder is charismatic, still closely identified with the group's purpose, and reluctant to let go.
What makes the issue touchier for Jordan is that it violates the peace treaty the Kingdom signed with the Jewish state a decade ago.