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And when it comes to preserving national "face", Russia and India are perhaps touchier than most countries; Russia has always felt looked down upon by western European powers, and India is still reckoning with a legacy of colonial humiliation.
To be sure, the Fukushima nuclear disaster would make the politics of a nuclear deterrent even touchier in Japan, but the powerful logic of substituting capital for labor and securing its territory with the ultimate deterrent likely would weigh heavily on the minds of Japanese--and possibly South Korean and Taiwanese--policymakers.
Perhaps the only topic touchier than whether people should abandon their homes is why the problem even exists.
That he delivered his touchier works to printers indirectly and anonymously is not dumbfounding; that he left us so much in the dark about the nature of his involvement in the major lifetime edition of his collected works, however, is strange.
There are few touchier subjects in the Colorado business world than expansions at the state's ski areas.
It is a good idea to start this activity with a relatively innocuous cultural universal such as recreation or food because these universals are shared aspects of our cultures and can be used to scaffold discussion about other core values that could be touchier issues to discuss.
The actress said that her 'True Blood' co-stars - including her husband Stephen Moyer and Alexander Skarsgard - are sensitive about showing off their bodies because they aren't used to being seen as objects of sexual desire.The boys are just a bit touchier about it because they are not used to being treated as an object, like women are.
It's a fact: eyes get touchier and well up more as the years roll by.
26 -- As the truck market grows and India is set to become one of the important truck markets in the world,the competition is getting tougher and each little issue is becoming touchier between companies.
With regard to the Korean peninsula itself, things are far touchier. The southern half has no real desire to reunite with the northern half given the economic woes above the 38th parallel.
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