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The touchiest changes, said Nova, are the restructuring of the labor market--which involves the dismissal of half a million public sector workers this year alone--and the elimination of the ration card, which guarantees heavily subsidized food and other basic products to the entire population.
Row upon row of stellar transfer targets were superimposed on to City's actual jewel-encrusted squad like a modern-day Sergeant Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band in a cheeky little swipe at the club with the vastest riches and touchiest supporters in football.
Newspaper scribes may be the touchiest people of all on the subject of downloading the written word.
He took the same approach, you might say, on his way to taking over one of the potentially touchiest jobs in Eugene's arts world: Marquez is just completing his first year as the city of Eugene's visual arts coordinator, a part-time job with more than full-time responsibilities.
Add to this the fact that the nature of the soul was one of the touchiest issues standing between the Peripatetic and Platonic traditions, whose fortunes nonetheless were for a long time intertwined, and it is no wonder that the correct interpretation of De anima has vexed the minds of commentators over the course of two millennia.
With William James, as with many great ancient Chinese sages, such as Laozi, Zhuangzi, Confucius, Mencius, and Xunzi, etc., we certainly know how to appreciate water for its inexhaustible fluidity and flexibility as the touchiest and softest substance in the world, as it is so vividly described in Huinanzi.
Although all three members of the comedic trio have roots in the Middle East, their humor is typically American, an offensive, no-holds-barred approach that is unafraid to tackle even the touchiest of subjects.
(8) The question of whether Jews fully accepted the legal status of mixed marriages, for example, proved to be the touchiest issue presented to Napoleon's famous Sanhedrin in 1806.
What is it with these 'Welshier than thou nutters?' No wonder we've been labelled the touchiest people on earth.
Inspector Knacker of North Wales Police has become involved and now national newspapers are asking whether we are the touchiest nation in the world.
This is one of the touchiest issues in the section funding debate, and the Budget Committee proposed a change that it said would actually boost section income.