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Touchingly, he also maintained a long and lasting love for his wife Livy.
Especially beguiling are the infectious Scherzo and the often lachrymose Notturno, which Salonen and the Philharmonic phrased touchingly.
WILCOX; METRO PICTURES) and 5 PALAST (TACITA DEAN; 51ST VENICE BIENNALE) In contrast to Matthew Barney's Drawing Restraint 9--a bloated voyage into japonisme, whale fat, and cockle-shell backpacks--these two works are touchingly modest, truly romantic in their rendering of the end of things.
Matisse's love for his doves and his cats Minouche and Coussi are touchingly evident (we are not told how the doves and cats got along).
She touchingly discovers it during 'summer camp' in the wilds with Inughuit friends.
There was something so touchingly genuine about him at that moment that I couldn't help wishing that he had shown more of this side of himself during the campaign.
The relationship between Moncho, a 6-year-old asthmatic who is apprehensive on his first day of school, and his teacher, Don Gregorio, is touchingly revealed, all the way to its tragic end.
The exhibition is ambitious because it is arranged thematically around a number of ideas, not necessarily related to one another, which Utzon has chosen himself: his interest in platforms and floating roofs, inspired by the built plateaux of the Maya people; the modular and the additive; the organic; and what curator Kjeld Kjeldsen calls 'human architecture', which in fact is the architecture of the effects of light described and reinterpreted through the eye of the architect as a very human and touchingly humble observer.
The other ballerinas were Veronika Part, who recently joined American Ballet Theatre as a soloist, who offered a large-scale and modestly effective Odette/Odile, and Daria Pavlenko, a touchingly eloquent Nikiya.
Whether Marston's feminist utopia, which Daniels calls "simultaneously daring and touchingly naive," has come to pass, his contribution to popular culture has endured.
He writes touchingly of the cost of having parents who were absent for years at a time: `the colonizers pay a price as well as the colonized'.
68) as touchingly in the English as in the Italian, and the threatening tension that escalates throughout the insulting meal Brunoro sets before Rinaldo (3.