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TOUCHINGLY SWEET Ashton Kutcher and Natalie Portman star in this uproarious rom-com
Singing tirelessly with fine tone and acting touchingly, Patricia Racette added to her several international successes in Puccini's Madama Butterfly when she brought her portrayal to Lyric Opera of Chicago for the first time.
One of Allensworth's residents, Ed Pope, who recently passed away, touchingly describes in the film how he arrived in a town where everyone from the judge to the teachers were Black: "It was like coming from hell and falling right into paradise.
Some of the humor is of the barbaric yawp kind--unblushing undressing of the feelings of a lusty soul--but there are tender moments as well, love poems to his partner that are touchingly intimate and odes to friends on the simple pleasures of their company.
The good people of the Republic are touchingly naive, aren't they?
In Grandpa's Hands: A Child's Celebration of Family", touchingly illustrated by Barbara Cervone, is heartwarming children's picture book sure to help children how to read as it gives them a warm feeling and appreciation for their grandparents.
Touchingly, on the day she died, May managed a few words with Doug in Tasmania on Jean's mobile phone.
Touchingly, everyone who ever clapped tear-filled eyes on his drawings has felt inspired to name their favourite 'Grens'.
The work is touchingly innocent now, but in 1979, O'Neal couldn't find a publisher.
Touchingly, she was being assisted by another woman veteran, standing on her own single leg and prosthesis.
SO MUCH about this year's Cheltenham was touchingly familiar - the tears, the laughter, the wind whistling through the wallet - that it's odd to think it could have been the last of its kind.
Touchingly, he also maintained a long and lasting love for his wife Livy.