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And you needn't get touchy about it, for it's not really your business at all.
I had done with my poor man's touchy pride--I had done with all my little artist vanities.
It was also observed during those two or three days that he was in a state of morbid self-esteem, and was specially touchy on all points of honour.
We've become a touchy society THE recent inappropriate remarks attributed to President Trump it is sad to say, only reflects the crude vocabulary much in evidence in the workplace and domestic households in this country.
The pair were spotted on a romantic dinner date in Los Angeles on Thursday with one onlooker describing Affleck as being "very touchy feely".
When he cooled down he was a little short in his action, and he's very touchy this morning.
6 - subarachnoid anesthesia needles and needles Touchy,
com: "They were kind of like snuggling together and being touchy feel.
But it usually happens much farther along in the season when viewers get touchy and passionate about their favorites.
London, Aug 18 ( ANI ): Real Madrid manager Carlo Ancelotti has said that he is not expecting the club to sign Gareth Bale from Tottenham Hotspur this summer, saying that Bale is a very touchy subject with Spurs.
Delays in structural measures are a touchy question.
Aramt Touchy is a 90-year-old retired physician who began painting 25 years ago after his retirement.