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And you needn't get touchy about it, for it's not really your business at all."
I was naturally touchy, or it would not have vexed me so much.
As a child he had enjoyed romping and playing with the young apes, his companions; but now these play-fellows of his had grown to surly, lowering bulls, or to touchy, suspicious mothers, jealously guarding helpless balus.
I had done with my poor man's touchy pride--I had done with all my little artist vanities.
It was also observed during those two or three days that he was in a state of morbid self-esteem, and was specially touchy on all points of honour.
In the end, Barney became so "touchy" about his back that he almost began bucking if a person as much as looked at it.
A TOUCHY SUBJECT HUDDERSFIELD hit the headlines for all the wrong reasons, with stories about playground attacks on Syrian schoolchildren.
"People say they're not touchy feely but we've all seen pictures of Will and Kate when they hold hands and have hugs," Harrold told ( Express.
I get the impression she feels the same as she's always very touchy with me.
We've become a touchy society THE recent inappropriate remarks attributed to President Trump it is sad to say, only reflects the crude vocabulary much in evidence in the workplace and domestic households in this country.
The pair were spotted on a romantic dinner date in Los Angeles on Thursday with one onlooker describing Affleck as being "very touchy feely".
He's sweet and touchy. He likes running his fingers on my arms and legs to tickle me.