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Bittium Tough Mobile is a secure and strong Android-based 4G LTE smartphone combining the latest information security and commercial device technologies.
Tough Mudder events have united millions seeking a more engaging, communal form of active lifestyle,' Tough Mudder CEO Will Dean said.
Expect Tough Mudders' signature obstacles to make it tougher.
Tough Mudder Full is a 10-12 mile mud and obstacle course designed to pull participants out of their comfort zone.
Will Dean, CEO and co-Founder of Tough Mudder Inc, said: "With Tough Mudder 5k we can now welcome even more Mudders into the tribe - from people who have never tried a Tough Mudder event before and want a flavour of our infamous camaraderie, to wellseasoned Mudders who would like to try new obstacles and bring friends in tow.
We've got a tough start, so I'll know in September or October where we're at.
KIX will also bring back the Tough Troopers, a team of tough men and women who will go around Metro Manila testing people's toughness through a series of physically demanding and mentally-challenging tasks in order to find qualified candidates for the competition.
Designed by the masterminds behind Tough Mudder, the challenge also boasted obstacles such as Mud Mile and the all-new Frequent Flyers Club.
SmartBand Talk is the perfect device to get you ready for Tough Mudder.
Peter Sandstrom, marketing director of Ginger Grouse, said: "We are very excited to sign this new deal as The Official Pint Partner of Tough Mudder UK.
The authors then focus on other options a president might employ when faced with tough times.
Another former skipper, Ray Wilkins, said: "Luis Suarez is going to have a tough end to the season.