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Meanwhile, in other parts of the world, equally tough decisions were being made.
The Tough Guy event, which was first staged in 1986, raised pounds 400,000 for charity this year.
According to Jo Ann Logan, purchasing for Consolidated Label in Longwood, FL, USA, "Products that require tough duty applications would be under the hood of a car, nautical equipment and boat applications, test tube marking, hazardous chemicals, battery applications, central air conditioner units that are outdoors, outdoor power equipment like mowers, chainsaws and leaf blowers, and shovel handles."
These independent directors should ideally have knowledge of investing in private companies in order to guide and navigate through the tough valuation and other financial transaction issues that typically rock the board.
I expect at some point I am going to be won over by this tough character.
Rust Tough aerosol enamel is ideal for use in indoor and outdoor touch-up applications and hard-to-reach areas.
At these televised briefings there was an atmosphere among the reporters that you would be considered unpatriotic or un-American if you were asking any tough questions.
* The Treasury Department, insisting on tough minimum requirements for new regulatory legislation for the GSEs, showed its determination by opposing and ultimately dismembering a House Banking Committee bill that the Treasury considered too weak.
Speaking in his capacity as director of the Valleys Race Equality Council, Valrec, Mr Davies said, 'You think you know what it means; it sounds balanced and reasonable, tough but compassionate.
One method of compensating for a perceived loss of power, potency, or manhood is to adopt what Jackson Katz calls the "tough guise," the pose or mask of "hard" masculinity.
"In addition to creating new ways to utilize space in an SUV, the retractable roof is light, tough and can withstand extreme changes in weather conditions," Dowdall adds.
Worried about illegal drug use and drug crime, lawmakers passed tough new laws to punish drug dealers.