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Therefore, thermoplastics and solid rubbers were applied to toughen epoxy resins.
The Japan Securities Dealers Association, which develops voluntary regulations for the industry, will set up a working group as early as April to review and toughen the present guidelines that were created in 1992, they said.
Batty said: 'Day-in and day-out cricket does toughen you up.
On the other hand, the condition that rigid filler toughen a polymer matrix effectively is that the matrix has a good intrinsic toughness.
Roberta Benjamin, director of charter schools for LAUSD, said Our Community School had agreed to toughen up its language arts and math programs and do more interim testing to make sure students are meeting academic goals.
Several methods have been successfully employed to toughen different polymeric systems (18-22).
ARSENE WENGER has warned new French defender Pascal Cygan he will need to toughen up for the rigours of the Premiership.
The Financial Supervisory Agency (FSA) plans to toughen capital-adequacy requirements for securities companies, starting in April, agency officials said Friday.
This late-season meal will help to encourage all these plants to flower for just that little bit longer, and should also help to toughen them up in preparation for winter.
But Gray said the small number of bunkers also gives management more options for narrowing fairways to toughen conditions for tournaments.
Several types of rubber, such as ethylene-propylene rubber (EPR) [9-13] and EPR/diene monomer (EPDM) [9, 13-16], have been chosen to toughen PP.
ATLANTA -- Georgia public companies worried that the 109th Congress will toughen the Sarbanes-Oxley Act when legislators reconvene in Washington Jan.