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The Championship is a very difficult league and we need players who will put themselves Benitez is toughen a which was about a bit.
Although the Frenchman then conceded: "But, yes, -we need to toughen up.
For me it's quite simple, we've got to get fitter and toughen up a little bit," said the former Sussex coach.
However, as noted, to prevent further self-trapping of land proposed to toughen penalties.
Gullit revealed: "As a manager of Chelsea I had a special way to toughen the young players up.
British prime minister David Cameron said that the EU was prepared to toughen sanctions against Moscow over the Ukraine aircraft incident, shortly after the most recent round of embargoes against Russia.
Foran said: "We need to toughen up and be more aggressive.
And the Celtic assistant boss said referees should toughen up - despite Hampden chief George Peat in midweek dismissing the Parkhead club's campaign as "tiresome and boring".
The central bank of Switzerland has called upon lawmakers in the nation to toughen capital standards.
While moneylenders are now expected to toughen the screening of loan applications from consumers, less competitive companies are likely to strive for survival through consolidation, industry watchers said.
ANTI-cannabis campaigners suffered a massive backlash yesterday when MPs said moves to toughen penalties on dope smokers would mean criminalising a generation of young people.