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On the other hand, the condition that rigid filler toughen a polymer matrix effectively is that the matrix has a good intrinsic toughness.
"But he needs to toughen up a little bit because the English game is much harder than what he has been used to in France.
The penalty for shooting saigas should be toughened. Nurtazinov will be awarded.
Several methods have been successfully employed to toughen different polymeric systems (18-22).
This late-season meal will help to encourage all these plants to flower for just that little bit longer, and should also help to toughen them up in preparation for winter.
The bill proposes to toughen a number of rules: to fine driver and/or passengers 500 soms instead of 300 soms for unfastened seat belts; to fine drivers 2000 soms for running a red traffic light; to fine drivers 1,500 soms for not stopping in front of the "stop" road sign.
Ombudsman of Kyrgyzstan Kubat Otorbayev suggested to toughen punishment for bride kidnapping.
"The large domain of the CTBN or ATBN modifier in an epoxy matrix--on the order of tens of microns--makes it impossible to toughen ultra-thin applications where the thickness of the epoxy layer is also on the order of microns," Bohen explains.
Several types of rubber, such as ethylene-propylene rubber (EPR) [9-13] and EPR/diene monomer (EPDM) [9, 13-16], have been chosen to toughen PP.
In this work, core-shell rubber (CSR) was used to toughen a standard epoxy with the rubber particle size being almost constant.
Our earlier investigation illustrated that surface modified recycled rubber particles toughen a DGEBA epoxy cured with piperidine (17).
New pelletized impact modifiers are designed to toughen PBT, PC, PC/PBT alloys, and nylon at ultra-low-temperatures down to -131 F.