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For example, today's fusion-bonded epoxy (FBE) coatings are utilized in end uses such as pipelines, and they rely on advanced resins, tougheners, and other materials to maximize performance characteristics that are absolutely critical: impact strength, flexibility, resistance to chemicals and UV, performance in extreme temperatures and pressures, and overall toughness.
Solvay s Virantage PESU tougheners can increase the impact strength of thermoset composites parts by nearly 40 percent and provide a step-change improvement in heat resistance.
Traditional tougheners such as glass beads or rubber particles often have an adverse impact on the elastic modulus or thermo-mechanical properties (1).
Finally, tuning the material properties of the rubber is the whole reason why things like fillers, extenders, tougheners, etc.
Paraloid EXL tougheners are available in both powder and pellet form.
Synergistic improvements are seen with core shell particles when combined with other tougheners such as reactive liquid polymers.
Hytemp polyacrylate elastomers for applications requiring long-term performance in severe environments, Zeotherm thermoplastic vulcanizates, Duomod tougheners, Quintone hydrocarbon resins, Quintac SIS block copolymers and Zealloy polymers are also featured.
Using several formulations developed for thermoforming, the new line encompasses neat, glass-filled, and modified grades containing impact modifiers, tougheners, and other ingredients.
She points to new generations of low/zero-VOC products, high-performing coalescents, pigment dispersions, resins, reactive modifiers, tougheners, defoamers, and others, some of which may also incorporate biorenewable feedstocks such as plant-derived oils, fatty acids, and esters, or may avoid particular substances of increasing concern (formaldehyde, APE, bisphenol A, phthalates, etc.
Engineering thermoplastics are found to be good tougheners for difunctional as well as multifunctional epoxies with the added advantage of good thermal properties.
Up-to-date information is provided on the broadest range of specialty elastomers, according to the company, including Zetpol HNBR, HyTemp/ Nipol AR polyacrylate elastomer and curatives, Zeotherm thermoplastic vulcanizates, Hydrin ECO, Nipol and Sivic NBR, Zisnet curing agent, Zealloy modifiers for thermoplastics, DuoMod tougheners and Quintac SIS rubber.
These tougheners are added directly to the resin systems, so performance improvements are independent of resin processing and are achieved without the sacrifice of mechanical properties.