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"It was always going to be a toughly fought contest, with pounds 80 million-worth of projects vying for pounds 20 million of resources," he said.
The most unsupported claims in a press release is a toughly contested category for any type of press release--but technology releases sometimes take this to a high art form.
With so many communication channels and our heavy reliance on the World Wide Web, ideas have never been so toughly tested.
"Asbos only work if they are followed up and then the courts deal very toughly with the breaches, then they do work.
It appears China responded toughly: Though it supplies up to 90 percent of North Korea's oil, none was delivered in September.
Sympathetic but toughly observed pic avoids melodrama in the potentially hyperbolic tale of a white Brooklyn middle-school teacher losing his own battle with drugs while trying to mentor an African-American student whose family has been torn apart by drug dealing.
The Israeli leader preceded Rice to the podium with a toughly worded speech, saying that Israel has proven the seriousness of its intentions for peace with "painful compromises" that must be matched by the Palestinian Authority.
THORNHILL, Ontario -- It is now over two years since Hy & Zel's regained the status of a private company, and--freed from the necessity of worrying about the market's reaction to quarterly results and spared the time-consuming and, for a small company, expensive administrative burden that listing on the Toronto Stock Exchange brings--management has been able to concentrate on strengthening Hy & Zel's position in the toughly competitive region where it operates.
On October 24, former Congressman Tony Coelho, principal author of the Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA), delivered a toughly worded "work agenda challenge" to all ten major party candidates running for the U.S.
By the end of June, wildfires had consumed toughly 2 million acres of land in the West.
FM Igor Ivanov says during a trip to Manila that he has sent a "toughly worded" memo to the Iraqi leadership, asking it to reconsider the last week's decision to fire LUKoil from its role in developing the key West Qurna oilfield in Iraq.
My favorite factoid: Seeds of the honey locust tree are so toughly coated that they will not sprout for gardeners unless the outer layer is mechanically cracked or the seed dipped into sulfuric acid.