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which they wouldn't have been), and that she has a tenderness for him still (whereas her toughness is a proverb).
The retinue of Earl Dorm was not strong numerically--the household being, to judge from appearances, one that had seen better days; but it struck Agravaine that what it lacked in numbers it made up in toughness.
Bagnet briskly, "here we are, Lignum and myself"--she often speaks of her husband by this appellation, on account, as it is supposed, of Lignum Vitae having been his old regimental nickname when they first became acquainted, in compliment to the extreme hardness and toughness of his physiognomy--"just looked in, we have, to make it all correct as usual about that security.
Through the bruteness and toughness of matter, a subtle spirit bends all things to its own will.
Toughness is not physical toughness, it's not about nailing someone and putting them on their backside in a challenge.
Smaller crystalline regions and spherulites result in an increase of intercrystalline tie molecules that improve the toughness properties of the materials [7].
I'm in awe of my wife and her mental and physical toughness, and it appears that all is well for the time being with our two healthy sons, Jack David and Sawyer Douglas.
Mental toughness is the most important in achieving athletic achievement.
Mental toughness has come to be widely viewed as an important prerequisite for sustained athletic achievement.
Devonport (8) identifies a number of psychological variables, such as, high self-efficacy, high motivation, and mental toughness, that are linked with enhanced performance in kickboxing.
FRIDAY, APRIL 1 Master Class: Leading with Mental Toughness Mental toughness is the quality which determines, in some part, how people deal with challenge, stress and pressure.