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Through the bruteness and toughness of matter, a subtle spirit bends all things to its own will.
Just so with the head; but with this difference: about the head this envelope, though not so thick, is of a boneless toughness, inestimable by any man who has not handled it.
In fact, my attention was almost wholly absorbed in my dinner: not from ravenous appetite, but from distress at the toughness of the beefsteaks, and the numbness of my hands, almost palsied by their five-hours' exposure to the bitter wind.
Not even the celebrated Malkinshaw toughness can last out more than a few weeks of that practice.
"Use the chicken then, the toughness won't matter in a salad," advised his wife.
Opening the crack-tip can be used to measure fracture toughness. This approach demonstrates how hot tears can be predicted and how these indicators can be used in a defect analysis with different casting geometries.
I'm in awe of my wife and her mental and physical toughness, and it appears that all is well for the time being with our two healthy sons, Jack David and Sawyer Douglas.
Mental toughness is the most important in achieving athletic achievement.
Fracture toughness is an indicator of the stress required to propagate a preexisting flaw and is a critical property for materials such as laminated composites used in demanding structural applications [1].
Mental toughness has come to be widely viewed as an important prerequisite for sustained athletic achievement.
Devonport (8) identifies a number of psychological variables, such as, high self-efficacy, high motivation, and mental toughness, that are linked with enhanced performance in kickboxing.