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While putting up flyers around town to attract people to her mother's dance lessons, Lou gets harassed by three local toughs.
Lou is at first picked on by the town's tough girls, but when it is discovered that she has inherited her father's knockout punch, the town toughs engage her to punch out one of their two-timing boyfriends.
Inspired by their daughter and her teammates, a Studio City couple has launched a line of goods called Pretty Tough that celebrates girls in sports.
Pretty Tough was launched just six months ago, but the Schonenbergs already inked a deal with a national sporting goods chain to test its products out at 20 locations in March.
If successful, Pretty Tough products will be rolled out to 200 locations nationally.
Pretty Tough evolved from a Christmas calendar Jane and George Schonenberg made for their daughter's soccer teammates featuring female sports figures.
Jane Schonenberg's hoping Pretty Tough will help keep girls in school longer.
The success the Schonenbergs are finding with Pretty Tough is no surprise, given their track record with independent ventures.
1 -- color) Alex Schonenberg, 12, cozies up with a pillow and other Pretty Tough sports products, a line founded and developed by her parents, Jane and George Schonenberg of Studio City.