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After spending most of 2016 touring, the Red Hot Chili Peppers will be back on the road in 2017, and the North American leg of their ( tour kicks off on Jan.
Slattery's Travel Independent Touring Holidays gives you freedom and additional time to enjoy your trip of a lifetime.
When times are tough, like after this current wave of natural disasters, we need to find other ways to survive." For NCDT, their survival has meant a return to touring.
The Adventure: One of the final travel frontiers for Americans, the Caribbean's largest island has sumptuous scenery, culture, 10 million fairly miserable (yet still charming) people, and paradoxically the world's most gay tolerant dictatorship, Cuba is a time warp stuck in the '50s--so touring it the old-fashioned way on a one- or two-week bicycle trip out of Havana is the perfect means to see the city's decaying architecture and the lush countryside of waving sugar cane, plus bicycles make organic sense given the languid tropical setting and the slow pace of island life.
Motorcoaches, on the other hand, are large, well-powered vehicles (sometimes costing $500,000 and more) that are custombuilt for touring. They transport groups (and their luggage) over long distances in relative luxury, with large windows for easy viewing.
Arizona State University has decided to Let technology do the talking, or touring, for those students who request it.
We haven't had the time for that since we've been pretty active with touring Hopefully when we get back we can start pulling out some of those ideas.--Jon Mehring
This innovation frees both brokers' and buyers' time traditionally spent on touring the properties.
The band is doing four free shows mid- to late May, and touring into the summer.