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They have taken legal action against 11 touts with one of them getting a six month jail term and taken injunctions against the rest to stop them being near Stamford Bridge on match days.
The clampdown was welcomed by fans and the singer gamely engaged in the debate on Twitter about how best to tackle touts.
'Tout mafia' has been earning thousands of rupees on daily basis while doing this illegal business.
West Mercia Police have confirmed that Tout, 20, of Durham Road, Worcester, has now handed himself into police.
Normalement tout devait s'ecouler normalement, mais les tas de sables laisses ca et la, les tas de graviers, laisses aussi au coin des rues ou devant certaines maisons, ont empeche les eaux de s'ecouler vers les tout-a -l'egout jusqu'a la mer sans probleme, car il y a de nombreuses zones d'evacuation, mais elles sont toutes bouchees par tout ce qui est jete sur le sol et qui s'est accumule au fil de l'eau!
Noting nobody is untouchable under Kenya's laws, Kinoti said: "The tout should be investigated and charged with criminal offenses."
Officers attached to Central Police Station have labelled him "untouchable", as he has never been arrested despite accusations of assault by other touts and passengers.Last week, the National Police Service issued a statement saying the tout had three pending assault cases in court.
TICKET touts are in danger of ruining singer Adele's comeback tour for thousands of fans, an MP has warned.
After being contacted by 'J', the reporter agreed to meet the tout in Cardiff city centre before Wales' opening World Cup game with Uruguay.
Invite, debut 2011, a la Radio nationale tunisienne pour parler du rapport de la commission de lutte contre la prevarication et la corruption, Feu Abdelfattah Amor raconta la plus drole des anecdotes sur le [beaucoup moins que]Fassed[beaucoup plus grand que], mot arabe qui englobe la corruption, la prevarication, les passe-droits et tout un tas d'autres delits.
THE tout menace is in full force in the national capital.