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Ticket touting is illegal and is a clear exploitation of those who genuinely wish to experience the Games first-hand.
Much ticket touting is also linked to crime networks so buying from touts is only supporting organised crime.
Det Sgt Jonathan Jones said: "Ticket touting isn't just about financial gain.
Inspector Christofi Miltiades heads up the Paphos Crime Protection squad, which is designated to deal with touting.
Ian Connolly, 33, of Vienna Street, Anfield, was given a three-year banning order for touting outside Goodison Park in February 2007 and so was known to police.
Touting of football tickets is illegal because of the danger of hooliganism if rival sets of fans are not kept apart.
During an undercover operation 19 mini-cab drivers were arrested for illegal touting for business.
However it is unlikely any prosecutions will follow as a result because ticket touting is not illegal.
Insp Geoff Williams of Chester Police said: "Historically, there was never a problem with touting at racecourses because there were always enough tickets to meet demand.
She said: "Since as far back as I can remember, touting has always been a problem.
Pall Mall Promotions plc, based in London,admitted one offence of touting at a Liverpool magistrates hearing this week.