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During the January incident, the tout is said to have injured the passenger, leaving him for dead.
The Sunday Mirror's Out The Touts campaign is calling for a clamp down on touts.
Coun Ed Ruane (Lab, Henley), cabinet member for children and young people, said: "When a high profile event is announced, ticket touts are able to harvest thousands of tickets in a matter of seconds and sell them on again at ridiculous prices.
Adele's managers have taken the unusual step of trying to prevent touts buying up tickets for the 36-date tour.
When he was Shadow Sports Minister, Rhondda MP Chris Bryant called on the government to outlaw the resale of rugby tickets, claiming touts are "parasitical ripoff merchants".
Karousos said touts can now be found in every corner, not only of Ayia Napa, but the entire island, "harassing foreign and Cypriot visitors.
This M AIL T ODAY journalist pretended as a transporter and spoke with the touts, officials and several transporters.
Touts are charging fans hoping to watch the action at Villa Park as much as PS260 for tickets with an ocial sale price of PS85.
The touts around Anfield are having a bumper season and the club can''t do anything about them.
The whole day long these touts remain active to entrap the innocent people who come to district courts in connection with their cases", an applicant from a suburban area of Islamabad.
The head of the Metropolitan Police's Operation Podium, Detective Superintendent Nick Downing, said: "My team has been working tirelessly to clamp down on ticket touts.
The mafia basically acts like agents of the officers and get favours for the applicants for legal and illegal work which is done in a short span of time as the touts have a quick approach to the senior officers.