tower above

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Now he will tower above the 2,188 other celebrities whose stars are embedded in the concrete sidewalk.
Plans call for relighting the four-sided clock on the tower above the Tribune sign.
In terms of total household income, federal retirees tower above the rest of America.
Don't forget this will have to be carried during the next down-cycle, when the new machinery in its new building will tower above us like the Colossus of Rhodes!
The trees tower above the surrounding country-some of the best remaining wilderness in the lower 48 states.
Tenders are invited for erection of 40m uso tower above constructed foundation at fold and the tower materials dismantled and transported from shrigaon instead of banari in connection with Construction of 40 m uso tower at fold including dismantling of uso tower at banari site under ssa new tehri in uttarakhand
But the present pre-recorded rings, played on loudspeakers in the lantern tower above the riverside clock faces, are truly abysmal.
SOON-TO-BE-OLD pounds 20 bank notes would tower above Victoria Tower, Castle Hill, 6,100 times if they were to be piled up.
The results from the world's first test for Short Man Syndrome - or "Napoleon complex" - suggest short people do not feel they need to get angry to dominate those who tower above them.
In addition to being re-clad, the base's height has been reduced from 200 feet to 186 feet and slight isosceles triangle-shaped cutbacks have been added, echoing the tower above, which uses the same triangular cuts to move from square, to octagonal, back to square.
There's a tower above the garden entrance, a loggia at the front door and battlements to the sideadjoininganimpressive stone arch, whichdivides the front and back gardens.