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Then, beyond the Grand, beyond the Petit-Châtelet, a first circle of walls and towers began to infringe upon the country on the two sides of the Seine.
If the moon showed her the way more clearly and thus saved her from an occasional fall, he would, too, show her more clearly to the strange denizens of the towers, and that, of course, must not be.
As if the towers had thrown aside, In slightly sinking, the dull tide - As if their tops had feebly given A void within the filmy Heaven.
Then I gave public notice by herald and trumpet that I should be busy with affairs of state for a fortnight, but about the end of that time I would take a moment's leisure and blow up Merlin's stone tower by fires from heaven; in the meantime, whoso listened to evil re- ports about me, let him beware.
gaily coloured towers Rise up like rainbow clouds, and many gentle And beautiful Immortals pass their days in peace,
The same order which I have directed here should be observed also in the country; for there also their magistrates such as the surveyors of the woods and overseers of the grounds, must necessarily have their common tables and their towers, for the purpose of protection against an enemy.
The tower within forms a complete circle, twenty-one feet in diameter, the walls fourteen feet thick.
There is a ladder which leads from the deck to the top of the tower.
From the middle of the building an ugly flat-topped octagonal tower ascended against the east horizon, and viewed from this spot, on its shady side and against the light, it seemed the one blot on the city's beauty.
It had none of the piebald and crazy look of the tower that seemed made out of its refuse.
he cried, and immediately a dozen doors in the base of the tower swung open, and a dozen grim and terrible banths sprang into the arena.
At this very minute he is in that tower over there by the shore.