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CRIER. An inferior officer of a court, whose duty it is to open and adjourn the court, when ordered by the judges; to make proclamations and obey the directions of the court in anything which concerns the administration of justice.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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Cheshire Digital Skills Academy helped town crier David Mitchell to publish his own book
The town crier then had a pint at Northgate Street's Imperial Inn to calm his nerves.
Now, you see the difference, the Town Criers said money container lost.
TOWN criers came from across the country to shout about Huddersfield's most famous sons and daughters.
He was diagnosed seven years ago, and given just two years to live, but the charismatic bell ringer beat the odds for five more years and even clinched a Loyal Company of Town Criers British Championships title in 2014.
He has stepped down from the Loyal Company of Town Criers but was told if he hadn't done so he would have been "thrown out of the organisation in disgrace".
Sandwell Town Crier Adrian Holmes, left, receives the award from Newport Town Crier Peter Taunton, with Mayor Councillor Linda Horton and consort Councillor Roger Horton
bit but started I felt But when the town staged a competition to belatedly replace the town crier, not a single adult took part.
Mr Maddern introduced the local mayor and spoke to local school children about the role and duties of a town crier.
I always had to have a proper job when I was Lincoln's town crier, while Liverpool city council made it clear that its new town crier had to have his own costume - and this is mine.
Wrexham's first Street Entertainment Festival kicked off on Thursday with the world's tallest town crier heralding the start.
London, February 6 (ANI): A man from Shrewsbury, England, has been named the world's tallest town crier after standing tall at 7ft 2in.