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Portrait of a retired townsman The figure gazes out at us with an air of calm.
The venue, on College Street, started life as the Townsman and six years later was renamed Barons.
AS a townsman I do not have much in common with the people in the country who hunt foxes, but I would nevertheless back fox hunters against intolerant and bigoted people who want to impose their opinions on others.
In other towns you have two or three historic buildings, but here it's a whole street,'' said townsman Lu Xiaodong, who works in real estate.
The allegedly agrarian Weaver was a townsman all his life.
Citing the cases of a bushman, an artist, a townsman and a jack-of-all-trades who, despite their war injuries, had adapted their lives to new occupations without complaint, Butler said that, "[h]ere, in some ways most typically, we have the 'Dinkum Digger'.
Source: Curbside pickup: private sector plays growing role by Jo Josephson, Maine Townsman, v59 n7 (Jul.
What I say is," the excited little townsman persisted obstinately, "cavalry against walls like that-- Don't let them into the city and there you are.
50pm, I instantly chilled out in the plush relaxed surroundings of the next-door Townsman bar.
I would add parenthetically that his townsman, Hans Sachs, cleverly exploited this underlying contradiction between appearance and reality in his writings.
Taking names from the headstones of a local cemetery, Masters wrote a poem for each townsman, and as you read along the tales interweave and overlap and fold back upon one another, exposing the inevitable small-town lies and hypocrisies but also - and this is crucial instances of grace and nobility and redemption.