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According to World Health Organization's (WHO) classification of Endocrine Organ Tumors, HTT is described as "an uncommon tumor of follicular origin characterized by trabecular pattern of growth and marked intra-trabecular hyalinization (3).
Its main histological features consist of a trabecular pattern, with variable deposition of PAS-positive hyaline material in the cytoplasm (intermediate filaments) as well as in the extracellular spaces (collagen fibres and basement membrane material).
Deformation, a double cortical line, a marked trabecular pattern, and the absence of a normal medullary cavity of the long bones are observed.
The present study is in accordance with other studies in that the ductal/tubular/ luminal structures are the most frequent epithelial component encountered.19,21 In contrast, another study has reported trabecular pattern to be the commonest epithelial pattern with a frequency of 96.8% followed by ductal structures in 92.6% cases.6
The various cytomorphological criteria described for diagnosing HCC are high cellularity, trabecular pattern, endothelial capping, basket pattern, traversing capillaries, atypical naked nuclei, cytoplasmic bile, atypical naked nuclei, intranuclear cytoplasmic inclusion, macronucleoli, and multiple nucleoli.
The final stage is characterized by dense sclerosis and further thickening of the involved bone, often obliterating the previously thickened trabecular pattern, or so-called corticotrabecullar dedifferentiation.
A 1-cm yellow, irregular area of the frontal bone, extending from 1 mm dorsomedial to midline with a trabecular pattern, was identified.
In patients with chronic anaemia not requiring hyper-transfusion, the typical bony thorax appearance demonstrates osteopenia, medullary expansion, coarse trabecular pattern and cortical thinning.
The right ventricle had normal trabecular pattern. A bicuspid aortic valve with a moderate aortic regurgitation was detected during TEE (Fig.
(22.) White SC, Cohen, JM and Mourshed, FA: Digital analysis of trabecular pattern in jaws of patients with sickle cell anemia.
NET G1 tumors are composed of small-to-medium-sized round-to-polygonal cells with scant-to-moderate amounts of eosinophilic cytoplasm with an organoid, trabecular pattern (3).
Sonographic appearance of lymphatic metastases may mimic inflammatory primary breast cancer by demonstrating heterogeneous echogenicity, coarse trabecular pattern, skin thickening and lymphedema.