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In the next section we will show the results of a simulation for each trace to see if the results of the simulation square with the calculations.
We have determined through modeling (1) and various calculators that this will raise the temperature of the trace to about 83[degrees]C.
So, the electric field lines will extend from the trace to the plane.
Let's assume we know the propagation time for a trace in a stripline environment (the time for the signal to propagate from one end of the trace to the other).
This may not be the only condition for qualifying a sampled trace to be representative of a full trace.
An upper limit trace tests the live trace to determine if at any point on the x-axis display the live trace y-axis value is greater than the limit trace value.
It may be necessary for the trace to be able to carry that overload for a short period of time--maybe one second or so--while the system shuts down in a controlled manner.