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Dubai-based cryptocurrency exchange, BitOasis, has said that it has added Ripple to its list of traceable currencies.
It is the responsibility of all parties involved in the supply web to be transparent as to whether a coffee is simply sourced from traceable roots or is the product of a direct trade transaction by collaborating parties in regular communication.
They have spent many years working to ensure the British supply chain is fully traceable from farm to pack and building strong principles which are embodied in assurance schemes like Red Tractor.
In order to gain independent accreditation from the RSPO, Nortech Foods had to undergo an intensive audit process to prove the correct processes were in place, that oil is segregated from any non-sustainable oil at all times, as well as being fully traceable and correctly labelled.
Demand for traceable palm oil is growing throughout Europe in a backlash against the harvest of products from locations that threaten indigenous wildlife and communities.
A digraph of order n is k-traceable for some k < n if each of its induced subdigraphs of order k is traceable.
The unit is not traceable to NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology).
Aitken Scientific has successfully produced specialist software for NLG Analytical's v:kit series of fully traceable and 21 CFR Part 11 compliant validation kits for HPLC and GC in analytical laboratories.
Early attempts to place traceable marks on uncured rubber with ink jet printers In the mid 1990s there were notable attempts by several ink jet printer manufacturers to mark uncured rubber with pigmented ink.
In the Congressional Record, however, the phrase describes a direct relationship between the debt and the stock purchase--the company either incurs the debt to purchase the stock or the debt is directly traceable to the stock purchase.
The tags are also used at cloth shelves and cutting areas, making the cloth traceable.