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Miller also attacked the "traceable" conclusion of the district court, saying the FBI accountant erred in her analysis and that interest payments on a mortgage are not traceable to equity in the property.
The company recently announced the Traceable Construction concept at the SPAR3D USA Expo and the BILT Conference, held in the US.
The ideal product, Nexans reported, is fully traceable sustainable copper-based cables and cable systems.
Dubai-based cryptocurrency exchange, BitOasis, has said that it has added Ripple to its list of traceable currencies.
The Honeysuckle White brand rolled out the new traceable turkey program in select markets before the peak turkey holiday of Thanksgiving.
It is the responsibility of all parties involved in the supply web to be transparent as to whether a coffee is simply sourced from traceable roots or is the product of a direct trade transaction by collaborating parties in regular communication.
e2b calibration is an ISO/IEC 17025 calibration and repair laboratory for test equipment, providing metrology services (traceable to NIST) for most brands of aviation ground support equipment and test equipment instruments.
Note that the Siemens recommended correction of +17.4% across the entire measurement range does not agree with the +12% correction that we recommended in 2011 based on the observed calibration bias of a series of serum samples when we used ERM DA471/ IFCC to make their results traceable to ERM-DA471/IFCC.
More than 82% of shoppers are as likely or more likely to want to buy more traceable food that has been produced on British farms and a further 77% agree or strongly agree that supermarkets should sell more food from British farms.
A One Poll survey commissioned by the NFU showed that more than 86% of shoppers wanted to buy more traceable food, produced on British farms.
Everyone was traceable, and their National Insurance and taxes were stopped at source.
Controversy over whether hydraulic fracturing, or fracking, poses a threat to groundwater has spurred a group of scientists to try to make fracking fluid traceable - by injecting it with DNA.