track down

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North Wales Police also want to track down this man in picture three.
During the searches army recovered two militant bodies and the hunt is on to track down the remaining militants.
If I don't track down this couple I'll be left with this photo and I haven't the heart to throw it out.
Police are also stepping up search to track down five fugitives and arrest the, Public Security Chief Major-General Tariq Hassan Al-Hassan.
A friend recognised him and contacted the Indian Embassy, providing information that enabled officials to track down his passport.
They had identified a Moscow email address as they attempted to track down a user of the social networking site called "Yuri Vasilyev".
They include new information on how to track down suspects through social networking sites, where wanted people may reveal valuable clues.
Summary: Johannesburg, June 13, 2010, SPA -- FIFA said Sunday it would help Middle Eastern television network al-Jazeera track down the cause of black-outs in its broadcast of the World Cup&'s opening match in South Africa, according to dpa.
The environment ministry authorised local hunters to track down the bear to prevent further attacks.
Mosul, May 14, (VOI)- Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki arrived in Mosul on Wednesday to supervise Operation Lion's Roar, waged last Saturday to track down al-Qaeda gunmen, a security source said.
The officers attempt to track down the culprits behind a vicious happy-slapping attack, all-the while struggling to come to terms with their own loss.
A software system intended to track down fraudsters has been installed by Econet Wireless, a communications company in Zimbabwe.