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By way of compromise, Lady Emily sent in a packet in the evening for the latter lady, containing copies of the "Washerwoman," and other mild and favourite tracts for Miss B.
It was studded with islands which, like the alluvial bottoms, were covered with groves of cotton-wood, thickets of willow, tracts of good lowland grass, and abundance of green rushes.
Temple turned his attention from the pursuit of commerce, which was then fluctuating and uncertain, to the settlement of those tracts of land which he had purchased.
Urinary tract infections: new insights into a common problem.
After passing from the stomach to the intestinal tract, the tablets release the organisms at optimal rates determined by formulation.
However, several studies have shown evidence of discordance between the RNA shedding of HIV in the blood and in the female genital tract, and when it comes to sexual transmission of HIV the big player is the amount of genital tract viral load, not the plasma viral load," she said.
The fistulous tract ascends along the carotid sheath, then posterior to the common carotid artery, then superior to the superior laryngeal, hypoglossal, and vagus nerves; it finally opens into the piriform sinus.
One would expect that inhaled hygroscopic particles would be retained in the lower respiratory tract with greater efficiency, and this hypothesis has been confirmed experimentally (11,12).
Such was almost the case with a 12,500-acre tract known as the Walls of Jericho, an area in northern Alabama that encompasses the headwaters of the Paint Rock River and is the habitat for more than 100 species of mussels and fish, 17 of which are on the federal Endangered Species list.
During severe diarrhea, the object was released from the GI tract.
How does one define an upper respiratory tract infection?