tract of land

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Had it not been for us whalemen, that tract of land would this day perhaps have been in as howling condition as the coast of Labrador.
The whole extent of this prince's dominions reaches about six thousand miles in length, and from three to five in breadth: whence I cannot but conclude, that our geographers of Europe are in a great error, by supposing nothing but sea between Japan and California; for it was ever my opinion, that there must be a balance of earth to counterpoise the great continent of Tartary; and therefore they ought to correct their maps and charts, by joining this vast tract of land to the north-west parts of America, wherein I shall be ready to lend them my assistance.
He took a tract of land sixty miles in circumference and set to work to make this park and build this palace and a road to it from Paris.
So rapidly did he gain the esteem of his new companions, that when they reached the end of their wanderings, it was unanimously agreed that he should be provided with as large and as fertile a tract of land as any of the settlers, with the exception of Young himself, and of Stangerson, Kemball, Johnston, and Drebber, who were the four principal Elders.
Under any circumstances," he resumed, "you are welcome, my dear friend; you will help me to recover my spirits; to-morrow we will hunt the hare on my plain, which is a superb tract of land, or pursue the deer in my woods, which are magnificent.
Anxious to draw him away from the subject, if possible--for I saw that it would be in vain to attempt changing his mind--I directed his attention to a long bright unwooded tract of land which, sweeping down from the elevations in the interior, descended into the valley before us.
In the growth of the town, however, after some thirty or forty years, the site covered by this rude hovel had become exceedingly desirable in the eyes of a prominent and powerful personage, who asserted plausible claims to the proprietorship of this and a large adjacent tract of land, on the strength of a grant from the legislature.
The tract of land involved in the litigation has been owned by a large number of family members and the Company has acquired an approximate 62% undivided surface interest in the property and has a right of way/damage settlement agreement with the owners of another 10% undivided interest in the property.
A $12 million resort community real estate loan, which closed in just one week, helping to finance a 476-unit resort community on a Katrina-ravaged tract of land on the Biloxi, Mississippi Gulf coast
Since then, the government has donated a tract of land on which five Christian churches will be built--Catholic, Anglican, Protestant, Coptic, and Orthodox.
We bought a tract of land to grow rice and the Church of Melanesia helped to pay for that.
a tract of land in the Borough of California in exchange for a certain tract of land; conveys to Moosic Realty Company land in the Borough of Moosic, Lackawanna County; and conveys to Westmoreland County a tract of land in Hempfield Township, Westmoreland County.