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shall redraw boundaries that were not tractably redrawable by the States
Olivier Blanchard |1985~ has provided one of the few models in the literature that tractably nests Ricardian equivalence and an alternative in which households view government debt as net wealth.
Today, work is continuing at Cal Tech, Tokyo, Cornell, and probably several other places to tractably solve the "illumination equation"the thermodynamical balance between all incoming and outgoing light for environments with both diffuse and specular surfaces.
At the top of the hill, as the filly walks tractably back to the soothing, cream-and-green American barn, Cox rolls down the window and offers a word of encouragement that may be to horse, rider or both: "That was far better than a fight.
Yet an amalgam of statutory provisions and constitutional requirements do not often coalesce as tractably as they did in this case without the intercession of an external moving force or forces.
After she canters tractably and willingly up Warren Hill for the final time, Karl Pierrepoint restricts himself to a cursory " fine" when Rae, in his smart new Stan James jacket, makes the routine enquiry.