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TRACTUS can additionally integrate with any EHR system in 30-45 days*.
Acanthurus tractus Poey, 1860, a valid western Atlantic species of surgeon-fishes (Teleostei, Acanthuridae) distinct from Acanthurus bahianus Castelnau, 1855.
The nucleus tractus solitarius (NTS) is a region in the brainstem that receives input from the cardiovascular, respiratory and GI systems, and from the taste buds.
Tractus Catena sits on its southeastern flank of Alba Mons and the pit-chains in that region are a series of circular depressions that formed along fracture points in the martian crust.
On the other hand, Mouihate and Pittman have shown that fever after LPS injection does not increase cell death in hypocampus, hypothalamus, area postrema, subfornical organ, lamina terminalis and nucleus tractus solitarius (18).
Substance P is a mammalian tachykinin in the vagal afferent neurons that innervate the brainstem nucleus tractus solitarius, which sends impulses to the vomiting center.
Chronic passive cigarette smoke exposure augments bronchopulmonary C-fibre inputs to nucleus tractus solitarii neurones and reflex output in young guinea-pigs.
2) Albert's announcement is at Physica Liber 1, tractus 1, caput 1 in Opera Omnia edenda Institutum Alberti Magni Coloniense (Munster im Westf.
The Penn group not only identified a necessary part of the brain which mediates the food intake suppression effect produced by these drugs, the nucleus tractus solitarius, or NTS, but also the cellular signaling pathways required for production of GLP-1's satiety effects.
In contrast, the continuous exposure to neurogenic irritation is proposed as a central factor in situations in which some of the fibrils of the intermediolateral tractus remained intact (6).
Tractus immuno-logicus; a brief history of the immune system.
The active hypnogenic neurons for NREM sleep are thought to be located in two regions (5): (i) the region of the nucleus tractus solitarius (NTS) in the medulla, and (ii) the preoptic area of the hypothalamus and the basal forebrain area.