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Insurance trade associations have to operate like businesses as they fulfill the demands of members who respond to changing market conditions.
Control a trade association, and you control the considerable resources at its disposal.
The first category involves representations to official bodies such as government, government agencies, European and other international institutions and organisations with particular emphasis on improving the regulatory and policy conditions under which trade association members operate.
A prototype of this technology has been demonstrated by Eqcologic NV, a 1394 Trade Association member company.
Author Greg Shippen, of Freescale Semiconductor joins RapidIO Trade Association Executive Director Tom Cox.
About the Communications Platforms Trade Association
The Kitchen Cabinet Manufacturers Association, headquartered in Reston, VA, is the principal trade association in the United States for manufacturers of kitchen cabinets, bath vanities, decorative laminate products and suppliers to the industry.
This paper demonstrates the need for both interconnect standards and helps clarify where each is best suited to meet performance demands," said Tom Cox, executive director of the RapidIO Trade Association.
The webinar will feature Tom Cox, executive director of the RapidIO Trade Association, as well as discussions from RapidIO Trade Association members Freescale, IDT, Tundra, and STx.
WASHINGTON -- The Entertainment Software Association (ESA) announced today that its founding president, Douglas Lowenstein, will leave the organization early next year after twelve years of service to launch a new trade association in the investment industry.
AUSTIN, Texas -- Episode 4 of RapidIO[R] Radio from the RapidIO Trade Association is immediately available for download at www.

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