Balance of trade

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BALANCE OF TRADE, Com. law. The difference between the exports and importations, between two countries. The balance of trade is against that country which has imported more than it has exported, for which it is debtor to the other country.

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The trade deficit in October 2015 was recorded at $2.
However on month-on-month basis the trade deficit widened from a
The trade deficit is an economic time bomb waiting to go off.
The trade deficit is the short-fall between exports and imports.
In reality, the vehicle trade deficit with Korea has grown by 43 percent under the agreement, which resulted in a $21.
Just yesterday a major report was released indicating that the trade deficit with Japan cost America nearly 900,000 jobs in 2013.
Analysts are looking for a similar small contribution to growth from a narrowing trade deficit this year.
Is it fair to have a five-year trade deficit that is equal to the GDP for one year?
By country, the US ran another record trade deficit with China, $318.
The resulting trade deficit for September 2013 was e1/4281.
That is the reason for the decline in the trade deficit.
Washington DC : The US trade deficit narrowed sharply in June to its lowest level in more than three-and-a-half years as imports fell and exports touched a record high, suggesting an upward revision to second-quarter growth.