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BALANCE OF TRADE, Com. law. The difference between the exports and importations, between two countries. The balance of trade is against that country which has imported more than it has exported, for which it is debtor to the other country.

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The increase of the trade deficit is the biggest concern for the country.
2 per cent, thus expanding the trade deficit by 23.
had a $347 billion trade deficit in goods with China in 2016, and Trump has previously laid the blame for the figure with his predecessors.
The higher trade deficit is on an already higher base, as Pakistan had closed the last fiscal year at a record $32.
The increase in trade deficit is putting further pressure on the foreign exchange reserves of the country.
Analysts believe rising trade deficit is a serious challenge for the government.
This situation has further contributed to the depreciation of the Tunisian Dinar against major currencies," noted the BCT, before stressing that control of the trade deficit remains largely dependent on the promotion of exports through the diversification of exported goods, the improvement of competitiveness as well as the conquest of new external markets, particularly those of sub-Saharan Africa and the Gulf countries.
The Observatory noted that "the IMF is putting pressure on the BCT, in order to lower the value of the dinar, in order to improve the competitiveness of exporters, a move that is likely to boost exports and consequently reduce trade deficit in the medium term.
While the trade deficit with China grew, there was improvement in other areas.
The trade deficit for January-April 2016 was BGN 1.
The BCC's economic forecast sees earnings growth accelerating over the next three years, but youth unemployment remaining high and the trade deficit - the shortfall between imports and exports - rising.
The US trade deficit in March jumped to the highest level in more than six years as a small increase in exports was swamped by a flood of imports from autos to cellphones, AP reported.