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Senegalese Trade Minister Alioune Sarr said that the current Lome trade fair event is a milestone toward sub-regional integration and shows what remains to be done in the sub-region to strengthen trade relations and fast track the integration of African countries.
Dalaten said that sales of exhibitors this year are better than the previous year when the trade fair was first hosted by Dagupan City.
Along with the exhibitions, the trade fairs offered technical forums for knowledge transfer.
However, the main attraction at the trade fair was an E-Rickshaw (Tuk-tuk) that operated fully on battery.
Transnamib will also bring a mock train that will transport visitors around the trade fair centre.
The international importance of the trade fair is also confirmed by the fact that at the request of the German Engineering Association (VDMA)--the German Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology has supported the German Pavilion for the seventh time in a row.
The Munich Exhibition Centre had placed 16 exhibition halls and a total outdoor area of 570,000 square meters for the trade fair, which attracted 3,443 exhibitors from 57 countries and regions.
However, the supplier industry plans its entire trade fair marketing activities within a global concept.
Nobody is saying this is ICE, our Trade Fair is small by comparison, but I feel it is much more relevant and a chance for bookmakers to exchange ideas and views.
Business is really bad for me this time around as I haven't made any significant sale since the trade fair began and I don't see any hope of making good profits from here," a businessman from Iran lamented.
A trade fair has been held in each of Bahrain's five governorates as part of a series of events organised by Tamkeen in co-ordination with the Bahrain Chamber of Commerce and Industry (BCCI) and Industry and Commerce Ministry.
The penultimate event of Bahrain Trade Fair, backed by Bahrain's five governorates and the Bahrain Chamber of Commerce and Industry (BCCI), will run until Wednesday.