trade off

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Trade Off and his recent Wincanton conqueror Golden Jack dominated the finish, with last week's placings reversed after Ian Chanin gained the advantage on the final circuit aboard the Louise Alner-trained ten-year-old, who clearly relished the marathon trip.
By offering a line of Pentium 4-M processor-based boards for a range of requirements, Force enables OEMs to design equipment for specific end markets-avoiding the trade off of performance for cost effectiveness," said Jochen Saal, Force product marketing manager.
Trade off readiness versus cost at the system/sub-system level,
Transcending the violent media images of "The Battle in Seattle" that captured international headlines, TRADE OFF provides a substantive look at the issues that inspired the demonstrations and unified a broad coalition of activists, launching a new political movement.
But it would be a stretch to argue that there is an underlying strategy to trade off American interests in other parts of the region in order to secure economic advantages in China.