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Those readers would probably have appreciated the fact that when Thornton appears a second time in chapter 9, there are no further categorization cues for him, but the more for his mother, who is presented as a strong-willed, inflexible utilitarian tradeswoman and a Dissenter, and whose harshness and pride will elicit negative dispositions in most readers.
As a result of a highly visible and partisan political lobby against one particular board, one woman's very valuable work as a tradeswoman with particular skills essential to a successful committee was lost to the organization because of her resignation over political interference.
As one tradeswoman explains, "Being the only woman on a construction site [means] having no one to relate to, not having rest-room facilities, having to speak up for myself on issues that I feel are unfair practices at work, and not having any support.
This year's ceremonies included three new awards categories: Aboriginal leadership, tradeswoman of the year and influential community trailblazer.
Sarah Hunter, a Vale electrician, was recognized as northeastern Ontario's tradeswoman of the year.
BH Maintenance works with some of the region's largest social landlords, and also offers home maintenance services for tenants/residents, in particular women, who want to have the option of a tradeswoman to deliver the services they need.
Could a woman in early modem Portugal be known as a tradeswoman in her own right despite her local scrivener?
Kimberley Wahamaa, Northern Ontario Business operations manager, said the award for tradeswoman of the year will be an opportunity to inspire young women to consider fields that have traditionally been dominated by men, but are in growing demand.
And in fact, she was so keen to become a born-again tradeswoman, she queued up outside the training college from 4 am just to get a place on the course.
36) Sarah Skidmore was a well-off tradeswoman and widow, a china dealer.