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Those readers would probably have appreciated the fact that when Thornton appears a second time in chapter 9, there are no further categorization cues for him, but the more for his mother, who is presented as a strong-willed, inflexible utilitarian tradeswoman and a Dissenter, and whose harshness and pride will elicit negative dispositions in most readers.
Through the character of the tradeswoman Courage, who pulls her cart through the Hundred Years' War, changing sides indiscriminately whenever sales drop, Brecht condemned the notion of war as a business prospect.
As a result of a highly visible and partisan political lobby against one particular board, one woman's very valuable work as a tradeswoman with particular skills essential to a successful committee was lost to the organization because of her resignation over political interference.
But it is her rebirth as a tradeswoman that really opens her eyes, forcing her to convert her dining parlor into a shop (although "without any of its degrading characteristics") and to harden herself, somehow, not only to the vulgarities of trade but also to the inevitable increase in her encounters with men, of whom she is and always has been particularly afraid (197).
Designating a tradeswoman "respectable," then, proclaimed that she presided over a legitimate business, not a brothel.
When the Miss America pageant came to town, an exhibitor asked that Reynolds be removed from the floor--apparently, the incongruity between the beauty contestants and the tradeswoman was too much to take--and Reynolds's boss replaced and eventually fired her.
As one tradeswoman explains, "Being the only woman on a construction site [means] having no one to relate to, not having rest-room facilities, having to speak up for myself on issues that I feel are unfair practices at work, and not having any support.
Janice Goldfrank has been a professional tradeswoman for 18 years, doing custom woodworking, developing an all-woman carpentry company, running her own general contracting company, and creating and directing a nontraditional job training program for women in Albany, New York.
Most remarkable is the itinerant tradeswoman Elmire who travels to Haiti, Guadaloupe, Barbados, Trinidad, and Grenada buying goods she then sells in the market at Fort-de-France (79).
Congratulations Carolyn Dobson, Maintenance Technician BMA awarded Outstanding Tradeswoman in Australian Resources.