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The SMIC Institute of Traditional Chinese Medicine is considered the first to offer a comprehensive course on TCM in the country that is equal to the international standards of a post-graduate degree course.
Collaboration between traditional Chinese medicine and African traditional medicine practitioners is possible and will profit both sides," says Apelete.
The Transitional Council of the College of Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioners and Acupuncturists of Ontario was established in 2008.
Acupuncture is a common treatment modality in traditional Chinese medicine.
Today, as president of The Center for Traditional Chinese Medicine in Sarasota, Zhao embraces a philosophy that "promotes a beneficial fusion of Western and Chinese medicine.
The traditional Chinese medicine industry should look for substitutes and research on economical and effective substitutes for tiger products, which will improve the international image and status of traditional Chinese medicine and promote TCM in the world," he added.
In 2005, traditional Chinese medicine accounted for more than 25 percent of China's overall medical spending, resulting in total sales of approximately $12.
As China had more interaction with Western countries, people began to view the esoteric ideas of traditional Chinese medicine as backward superstition compared to the new philosophy of scientific thought that developed during the Enlightenment in Europe.
A plant extract used in traditional Chinese medicine to treat type 2 diabetes could form the basis for new treatments for the disease, scientists now report.
SAN FRANCISCO -- Nearly all Chinese immigrants living in San Francisco have used at least one form of traditional Chinese medicine in the past 12 months, Amy Wu and Dr.
Traditional Chinese Medicine has long used ingredients such as tiger bone, bear gallbladder and rhinoceros horn, in its remedies.

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