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The ACT subscale Traditionalism was negatively skewed.
Religious traditionalism, even as it boasts of "changelessness," is not hermetically sealed off from the larger world.
Against this backdrop of traditionalism comes Benedict's resignation - a sharp break with the past, one that is likely to shape future papacies.
Because a previous study(Hampton & Xiao, 2009) indicted that three cultural values 1)cultivation of good virtues (benevolence, humanity, and a sense of justice), 2) social traditionalism, and 3) cultural inwardness were related to attitudes of Chinese university students toward people with intellectual disabilities, these values were included in the current study as part of the independent variables.
To be clear, this is not intended to mean that Muslims do not care about individualist values or human rights as such, that traditionalism is inherently violent, or that Westerners reject outright all deference to religious symbols.
Traditionalism may cater to other appetites as well, as Sedgwick shows in his account of the career of one of its most prominent theorists, Frithjof Schuon, who accumulated "vertical wives" and whose Maryamiyya group celebrated "Indian Days" with "ornamented bikinis" as costumes for women.
It would suggest that conservatism as traditionalism has undergone a radical metamorphosis into something that it has long considered its opposite.
The Lib Dems somewhat perversely believe that they hold the high ground in this debate but in truth its swing to the right under Clegg, against feeble opposition, has made it a party deeply entrenched in liberal traditionalism.
Sunstein presents and analyzes three different approaches to constitutional interpretation: traditionalism, populism, and cosmopolitanism.
Amazingly, the obstacles he regularly overcame--entrenched traditionalism, limited resources, fear of the unknown--remain pitfalls to this day.
NuChristian: Finding Faith in a New Generation" is a guide for those who want to hold onto their faith but find it hard as the staunch traditionalism of the church seems to be at ends with them and making their life appear to be very difficult.
GIVEN racing's comparative heritage and traditionalism, it's probably not as surprising as it should be that all-weather racing is taking so long to win over the betting public.