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Traditionality could not formally be tested as a potential mediator since it did not meet the criteria of having an independent significant relationship with the outcome variable, when the main predictor variable of immigrant status was present.
According to van der Meulen, the time that has elapsed since a food first appeared in its place of origin is a key aspect of traditionality.
Ricoeur carefully distinguishes traditions from what he calls traditionality.
From the picture, one can see the collage of disparate codes of traditionality (e.
Masculinities and violence: A father-son comparison of gender traditionality and perceptions of heterosexual rape.
In some ways, the non-traditional becomes the traditional, and our understanding of traditionality changes.
In addition, a major factor in the circumscription of occupational aspirations is adolescents' perceptions of the gender traditionality of occupations.
Proulx's prose emphasizes the traditionality of berry picking as a pleasurable and profitable activity.
Ricoeur does not answer these questions, but his analysis, which points to both a critical traditionality and a critical and inter-subjective utopianism, provides a useful starting point.
It has been said that traditionality is to be found in almost all legal systems (146) and this is certainly true, though the traditionality may be often lost sight of in the concentration on momentary systems.