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At two or three epochs, when the fortunes of the family were low, this representative of hereditary qualities had made his appearance, and caused the traditionary gossips of the town to whisper among themselves, "Here is the old Pyncheon come again
And the study notes that about 63% of consumers support the idea of stocking traditionary confectionery products at the front end; such products, consumed in moderation, are seen as consistent with a healthy lifestyle.
However, the genre rejects complete subordination to traditionary formulas: it borrows from all, but subordinates to none entirely.
He continues, "A person seeking to understand something has a bond to the subject matter that comes into language through the traditionary text and has, or acquires, a connection with the tradition from which the text speaks.
The 20 papers consider such topics as the context of Qumran literature, traditionary processes and textual unity in 4Ezra, rewriting the script of the first exile with the hope for a prompt restoration of Zion's fortunes, a New Testament reader's guide to 2Baruch, and the preservation of 4Ezra in the Vulgate thanks to Ambrose not Jerome.
Strictly speaking, as this document indicates, "Tradition" (with a capital "T") and "tradition" (with a small "t") may also be distinguished: Tradition is "the Gospel itself, transmitted from generation to generation in and by the Church"; it is "Christ himself present in the life of the Church"; and tradition is "the traditionary process" (50 n.
Though Romantic classicism has traditionary been represented in terms of its Hellenism (one immediately thinks of Shelley's declaration in the preface to Hellas, "We are all Greeks"), Sachs persuasively argues that "republican Rome becomes increasingly relevant in Romantic Britain because in a period of political unrest and imperial expansion, the appositeness of the Roman example for Britain provides a conceptual enhancement of what Rome means" (3).
26: 224) 1833 (82 words) George: "a traditionary freedom "Shackford's Letters," North Star .
or no records were extant in those days, and traditionary history
My grandfather who was intimately acquainted with all the traditionary tales which that great poet has since made use of in the "Tales of a grandfather" and other works, long before their publication, I remember listening to with delight as a boy.
The Private Memoirs and Confessions of a Justified Sinner: Written by Himself, with u detail of curious traditionary facts and other evidence by the Editor.
Of Ulimaroa we had heard something before, from the people about the Bay of Islands, who said that their ancestors had visited it; and Tupia had also talked to us of Ulimaroa, concerning which he had some confused traditionary notions, not very different from those of our old man, so that we could draw no certain conclusion from the accounts of either.