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Now would ensue a brisk traffic with the merchants, and all Montreal would be alive with naked Indians running from shop to shop, bargaining for arms, kettles, knives, axes, blankets, bright-colored cloths, and other articles of use or fancy; upon all which, says an old French writer, the merchants were sure to clear at least two hundred per cent.
This singular and beautiful system of internal seas, which renders an immense region of wilderness so accessible to the frail bark of the Indian or the trader, was studded by the remote posts of the company, where they carried on their traffic with the surrounding tribes.
They have found the trapping of the beaver their most profitable species of hunting; and the traffic with the white man has opened to them sources of luxury of which they previously had no idea.
While we discussed the thickening traffic with the superiority that comes of having a high level reserved to ourselves, we heard (and I for the first time) the morning hymn on a Hospital boat.
He exchanges new lamps for old, the spangles of illusion for the drabs of reality, and in the end cheats all who traffic with him.
do you think that we, the conquerors of the world, have nothing better to do than stand waiting by the walls of every kennel, to traffic with the dogs of the earth?
Here have I quitted my regular traffic, leaving my warehouse in the care of my clerks, and putting my credit to great hazard, and, furthermore, have put myself in peril of death or captivity by the accursed heathen savages--and all this without daring to ask the prayers of the congregation, because the quest for the Great Carbuncle is deemed little better than a traffic with the Evil One.
Existing Telcontar customers can also add new features such as incorporating displays of real time traffic with their digital maps, or generating traffic alerts as a subscription service.
We are pleased to partner with them, and expect this integration to greatly simplify and speed the integration of traffic with services currently being offered in the marketplace.
This will enable such new operations as the automatic rerouting of vehicles around traffic jams, the visual display of traffic conditions, the integration of real-time traffic with vehicle navigation systems, and the creation of new traffic applications for wireless cell and PDA users.
RHK brings new levels of insight and accuracy to the analysis of North American network traffic with its latest research program, Network Traffic & Revenue Analysis.