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Hoxby argues this is by design, not accident; such simple pathetic tragedies eschew "recognitions and unforeseen reversals of fortune in order to exercise the passions of the audience through pure displays of pathos" (111, emphasis original).
As expected, time added humor to tragedies and subtracted it from mishaps.
Samihah Zaman, Shveta Pathak, Mariam M Al Serkal, Dina Aboul Hosn, Janice Ponce de Leon and Nathalie Farah, Staff Reporters of Gulf News, take a look at the safety rules and seek expert advice on the precautionary measures that residents need to adopt to avoid such tragedies.
The same applies to the death of a couple of London drug dealers this week - both described as tragedies by their mothers.
But alternative proposals might be made by citing examples of other Greek tragedies such as Antigone and Bacchae where male domination is not the central issue.
Things turn very serious when Rosalind becomes aware of two tragedies that will happen to her sisters.
A person's sense of God is key to believing that God plays a hands-on role in natural disasters and personal tragedies.
Tragedies like this confirm the obvious: minimizing the number and impact of such devastating events is up to human beings, not the fates and deities of religious faith.
Thus, for different reasons, both conventional tragic theory and leftist criticism end up ignoring the ever-present materiality of suffering in tragedies.
In an annotation to his discussion, in chapter 8, of three dramatic interpretations of the Dido myth, Di Maria could well be referring to Renaissance tragedy as a whole when he states: "To my knowledge, no scholar has yet examined these tragedies [by Pazzi, Giraldi, and Dolce] from the theatrical point of view.
The Kuwaitis, Iranians and Iraqi Kurds will also tell you their own tragedies experienced under Saddam.
Perhaps if more educators were to teach tolerance, these tragedies would be avoided.