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Educators Aygun Humbatova, Fakhriye Mabudova and Jala Mammadov, respectively, "Khojaly tragedy is the bloodiest page of the ethnic cleansing genocide committed by Armenians", "Khojaly tragedy has received its true political and legal value after the national leader Heydar Aliyev's return to power" and "Recognizes the World Khojaly genocide ".
They are relying on the Baqar Najafi inquiry report on one hand and also asking the CJP to take sou moto notice of the tragedy which only indicates they are not satisfied with the Baqar Najafi Inquiry Report as such.
Commissioner Bahawalpur Saqib Zafar apprised the prime minister about the tragedy and the relief activities.
It begins with Aristotle, whose Poetics established enduring interpretive parameters and whose enigmatic description of catharsis suggested that tragedy possessed the power to leave us feeling cleansed.
And just a few years prior, a tragedy happened in the Supreme Court.
If the essays in the first section together take up genre and theatricality, the two pieces in the second section, 'The Spanish Tragedy in Print', engage with textual problems, including the vexed issue of whether or how to incorporate the 1602 'Additions' into modern editions.
3) Jesus, because Christianity is the enemy of tragedy.
Remnants of Tragedy is a remarkable and important project, engaging as it does with crucial philosophical, political, and moral issues in the post-Holocaust world, the terribly complex subject of contemporary history and its representations, and critical questions concerning the cultural appropriateness and longevity of literary genres and tragedy in particular.
Expressing solidarity with the bereaved families of plane victims, APML Secretary General Barrister Saif prayed to Almighty Allah to bestow the victims' families with patience and courage to cope this tragedy.
At the same time, there are sensible essays: for example, by Raphael Lyne on neoclassical tragedy, and useful insights by Jennifer Wallace on tragedy and exile.
Scholars of English literature from around the anglophone world look for examples, or at least traces, of tragedy outside the usual times and places.
Rethinking Tragedy, Baltimore County: The Johns Hopkins University Press, 2008, pp.