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Meanwhile, her school said on Facebook: "It is tragic to lose someone so young and the thoughts of the whole school and the hostel are with Bethany's family at this sad time.
PMLN Lawyers Wing President, Alamzaib Khan while expressing great remorse over the tragic Qasur incident said special laws should be enacted to curb incidents of sexual harassment in the country.
It's very tragic and devastating for the lad and his family.
He said if ICT Traffic Police had arranged reflector on the block, the tragic incident could have been avoided.
Our agency and our work is designed to give our clients the best value for their design and development dollar when planning and building enterprise level websites and online stores, while our primary focus is to deliver high performance sites that drive better results in terms of visibility, engagement and conversion," said Rich Rudzinsky, owner of Tragic Media.
TRAGIC DEATH: | |Tammy Jones LUCY MCKEOWN: One of the many reasons why I love Liverpool.
The dance will echo the tragic unfolding of Antigone, Oedipus' daughter, who defies Creon's -- the ruler of Thebes -- rule to not bury her brother Polyneices as a means of punishment.
Ashfaq Hussain Chatha Vice President and Executive Committee of Islamabad Chamber of Commerce and Industry and Group Leader Abdul Rauf Alam have expressed deep grief and sorrow over the tragic crash of an army helicopter MI-17 in Naltar Valley near Gilgit-Baltistan on Friday killing seven persons including five foreign delegates and two pilots.
This is a tragic, tragic day for the city of Philadelphia," Sawyer said, adding, "We lost four children today.
Wendi Nesa Cartwright: "Such a tragic accident, my thoughts are with their families at such a sad time.
TRAGIC Conor Boyle Conor, from the Gaeltacht village of Loughanure, was left in a critical condition after his car struck a tree when he was making his way home from work on September 8.
Distinguishing three forms of negativity in Hegel: 1) abstract or external negativity, 2) absolute or internal negativity, and 3) tragic negativity, she argues that while Hegel means to control abstract negativity by subjugating it, as it were, to absolute negativity, he remains unable to completely "disentangle" absolute from abstract negativity.